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Live abundantly…


There’s always someone who is going to know more than you.
Someone who will know less than you.
Someone who has more than you.
Someone who has less than you.

But no one is exactly like you. And no one has the ability to be grateful what they have in the here and now more so than you do.

Choose to live a life of abundance, get more of the things you really want in life by being grateful for what you already have. Even if the day is bad and you feel like you have a black cloud looming over you. Even when everything is just perfect in your life. Be grateful for the here and now, what you have and watch more of the good stuff come to you.

The key is focus on the good; whether it’s good health, sunshine on your face, food in your pantry, a good friend to share with, unconditional love from a four-legged furry friend…whatever it may be. Be grateful for what you have today so you can have more tomorrow.

Live well my friends!

Top regrets…

regrets of dying

I was speaking with a friend this morning  about commitments and this seemed to fall perfectly in that thought track…the top five regrets of the dying. I read the full article and research that went with it and it was powerful and moving.

When you think about your commitments to yourself, keep these in mind.
Don’t worry about working that one extra hour, go home and be with friends or family.
Express yourself and your feelings even if they are counter to someone else’s – they are your feelings and they are valid.

Stay in touch with friends, even if it is over FB or Twitter – both are valid forms of communication.
Be who you were meant to me, and if that means you’re happy working as a waitress even if others want you to do more – be the best dang waitress ever and be.

And be happy…with you, with your life, with what you have – what you have is a lot.

Live well my friends!

Commitment to self…

Commitments to our self too often get lost in the shuffle of the day-to-day.

What are some of the commitments you’ve made that you’ve ignored or pushed to the side?
Eating healthy, exercising, spending more time with loved ones, meditating, going back to school…?

Life doesn’t just happen. Get back to your commitments – pick one and plan the time for it.
I’m getting back to my morning run, what are you doing?

Live well my friends!

Quiet your mind…


Quieting your mind is the best way to hear yourself and gain clarity. It provides the opportunity for meditation and growth.

Whenever you want to move forward, taking a moment to quiet your mind is key.
The challenge to quieting your mind is; it’s not always easy or wanted. When our mind is quiet we see parts of our self that aren’t the easiest to deal with. And other thoughts are always trying to creep in.

Quieting your mind isn’t about being completely quiet – it’s about remembering what you’re setting out to do. When other thoughts try to wedge into your mind, you don’t have to focus on them, look towards the quiet. Allow the real you to be there, the real you is on a journey and just like Dorothy in Oz, you meet characters you really like and some you don’t. But you get to choose your companions. So choose the parts of you that best provide while on your journey.

Live well my friends!

Live revenge free…


The game of revenge just isn’t worth it.
Forgive and move on…that other person will eventually reap what they have sown and you don’t need to be there to witness it.

Live your better life and live it revenge free.

Have the confidence…


When a person has self confidence they feel sexy and radiant. There’s nothing they can’t accomplish. Others want to be around them.

Be certain what you have is self confidence because not only do YOU feel amazing but others around you do as well.

Live well my friends!

Do you practice your optimism?


Optimism Gets Better with Use

Have you ever met someone that you know doesn’t have an ounce of optimism in their body?  They stand out in a crowd – they have that little virtual dark cloud above their heads, personally I avoid them.

Positive people practice their optimism! When “life” gives them lemons they really do figure out how make lemonade, or lemon curd, or lemon chicken – from something bad to something wonderful.   It isn’t always easy, some challenges in life are tougher than others but the positive people come out on top. Why? They practice their optimism, much like practicing a martial art, they have the ability to use it when needed, becoming seamless and fundamental to their existence.

Do you practice your optimism?


Guest blog from my good friend Kim Kachadoorian

Lose the disappointment…

lopside cake

We all have this picture in our mind on how things are supposed to be or how they are supposed to play out. It’s a perfect picture of how it should be. When it doesn’t turn out that way we end up disappointed.

It doesn’t matter if it’s the perfect picture of how our wedding day should be, or a piece of art we’re working on, a meeting with someone, a relationship, a haircut, a cake we’re decorating, a work day, a work out…whatever it is: we have the picture perfect version of it in our mind and it doesn’t turn out that way and we’re left unhappy and disappointed.

Have you ever been there? Sure, we all have at one point.

But what if we didn’t have to be disappointed? What if we could be happy with how it turned out, no matter how it turned out? And happy not because we want to be blissfully ignorant or stick our head in the sand…but happy because we don’t picture perfection – we picture the feeling we’ll have.

Whether it’s a wedding, relationship, meeting, decoration, a day, an event…whatever it is – what is the feeling we want to associate with that? Let’s picture that in our mind and let our focus be there on that feeling…not a feeling of perfection but a feeling of “Look what I get to be part of, no matter how it turns out. I. Got. To. Be. Part. Of. This.” and then there’s no disappointment because yes, we got to be part of this and this was good.

Live well my friends!



Bruce Lee is quoted as saying “Mistakes are forgivable, if you have the courage to admit them.”
Admitting you were in the wrong and saying your sorry and asking forgiveness is never easy to do…for either party involved.

There’s a lot of pride and dignity wrapped up in the sheer act of saying, “I was wrong and I’m sorry, please forgive me.” there are very few times when the human soul is any more vulnerable than at that moment.

We make mistakes because we are human, but we forgive because we can. Ultimately saying sorry and the act of forgiveness bring about strength, courage, and character. Today, is there something you want to say your sorry for or is there something you can forgive…?

Live well my friends!

Step outside…

step outside

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? If you haven’t done it recently then maybe it’s time you do it today.

If you’re not getting out of comfort zone, then you’re not really giving yourself a chance for growth.
When we’re doing something that is different, something that pushes us, something that challenges us…it’s in those moments that we are growing. It’s more than learning, it’s growth as an individual.

Get out there, that space beyond your comfort, and do something amazing for yourself. Heck, not just yourself but everyone that is in your life, everyone you come into contact with. Getting out of your comfort zone does something to YOU and it’s a good thing. And that translates to others, they get motivated, they learn, they grow because they want to step outside of their comfort zone too! Look at all the good you’re doing.

Live well my friends!