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Worrying doesn’t help…

Whatever happened yesterday is a yesterday thing. It’s done, it’s over and it’s gone. Many of us spend time dwelling on it and reliving it.
Today is a new day, new opportunities, new options. It’s all for you, a chance to do something new, start over, get moving!
Worry if you think it will help, (it won’t). We spend our time dwelling on it, thinking it through, analyzing it. The more we do that, the less we’re able to move on.
Look back but only to learn, then move on. Spend 5 minutes; think on what happened, learn from it and then let it go. Drop it. Move on.
Get angry but only of it gets you moving, then drop the anger. Sometimes anger is the best thing for us. It spurs us on to a greater level of action and movement. So get angry but ONLY if it gets you moving forward. Otherwise, anger serves us no purpose.
Today is new and it’s just for you. Go do something special with it. You’ve got this, I know you do.

We’re all correct…

Have you ever noticed how often people think other people are wrong?
Wrong in their way of thinking, wrong in their lifestyle, their politics, their beliefs, their choices, their physical location, their school…whatever it is: they are wrong but WE are right, WE are correct.
What would happen if we stopped thinking everyone else is wrong and we’re all correct?
Imagine if we accepted each other as we are.
Maybe I wouldn’t choose to behave, live or believe the same way as you but you chose those things and that’s cool.
You shouldn’t have to think the way I do to be my friend.
Just be you and be a good person.

Mastering our thoughts…

The next few days I’ll be discussing the law of attraction. Maybe you’ve heard of it, the law of attraction is a part of us that works to ensure we are getting the things we want and deserve. As with anything, if our thoughts are positive – those things come to us and this also works too if our thoughts are negative.

Power of thought

Power of thought

Let’s focus on bringing the positive to ourselves!

Mastering your thoughts requires mastery of your emotions. You must be conscious of what you are feeling so you can easily trace the path towards what you are thinking.

Emotions always have a twin thought.

Live well my friends!

Break free of the stagnation…

Break from the stagnation

Break from the stagnation

Open yourself to the unknown and explore!

Think broadly and honestly about the direction that your life can take. Separate what you always do and who you’ve always been from what you’d like to do and become.

Give curiosity carte blanche and try something new: read a new genre of book, take a voice lesson, change up your routine and drive a different way to work, take a dance lesson, try a new restaurant, listen to music you’ve never listened to before…anything that gets you out of your comfort zone.

The point is for you to feel comfortable exploring little adventures because it’s the little adventures that lead to the BIG adventures.

Live well my friends!

You’ve got baggage…

Put the baggage down

Put the baggage down

Are your arms and back sore from carrying all that baggage? The baggage filled with grudges you’re holding onto.

I thought so, mine was too, so I let it go. All of it…all the anger, resentment, and jealousy that went into grudges.

It doesn’t matter if you’re carrying Gucci or LA Gear baggage, carrying grudges around with you is a lot of work…for YOU. Are you teaching that other person a lesson somehow? I doubt it, the lesson you’re teaching is that you can’t get past the past.

Forgive and move on; that’s the lesson to teach. You don’t have to invite the object of your grudge to holiday dinner but you don’t have to carry their weight around either.

Live well (and baggage free) my friends!

Everyone you meet…

Everyone you meet is working on or working towards something, or they are struggling with a decision. Maybe they are in pain, concerned, relieved beyond belief, happy or content.

Every single person you meet has their own thing going on. Maybe it’s visible to the naked eye but more often it is not. There are a lot of emotions and feelings that bubble just below our surface; those we show to some and those we keep to ourselves. Sometimes those feelings mix well with your feelings, and sometimes they do not.

Just keep this in mind the next time you encounter someone – we all have something going on in our lives and that something is the filter for the way we see the world and function in it.

Live well my friends!

Wishing good things for others…

When you get good news for yourself you get excited, right? I sure hope you do, good things coming our way is always cause for excitement!

So what happens when a friend or acquaintance gets really good news, are you excited for them? What if something good happens for a co-worker? Do you still hold the same level of excitement for them that you do for yourself?

Check yourself. If you’re not as excited about good things happening for those around you as you are for yourself – it’s difficult for good things to come to you. Wanting good things for others brings about good things for ourselves. Being happy about good things happening for others builds our own personal happy quota too.

Want good things for yourself, and others, and be excited when good things happen for others even if they don’t for you – it’s still fun to be part of the happiness.

Live well my friends!

Happy for me. Happy for others.

Happy for me. Happy for others.

In support of your dreams…

Think about what you want to be when you grow up. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What are your dreams?
Write them down.

Now, what are you doing to support these goals, these desires? What are you doing to make your dreams come true?
Is there a correlation between the two? Is what you are DOING supporting and contributing to what you want to BE…?

All too often other things get in our way of achieving our dreams. We spend more time than we think in front of the TV, on Instagram, or Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or a host of other time sucking things. We don’t realize though because we don’t have our goals, our dreams, written down. So our time gets away from us and we end up losing our way.

Get on track and live well my friends!


Live in the moment…

Live in the moment

Live in the moment

Are you living in the moment? Do you know what it means to “live in the moment”? It’s when we stop lingering in the past, dwelling over and over again on what happened and why we did what we did or if we could just have done one little thing different…But it’s also not getting caught up in the future. Being consumed with what “might” happen or who we “might” run into. Becoming so preoccupied with the “might’s” and “what if’s” that we miss out on the right now.

Living in the moment is focusing on the present and it is one of the most important traits required for living a happy life.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t plan for the future but we should stop spending our time dwelling on the future. Let’s step away from having anxiety over things that happened in the past. Let’s learn our lesson and move on.

Let’s put our attention to the present, the here and now, and live in this moment – all we really have is this one moment so let’s live it…and we can all live a little happier.

Live well (and live now) my friends!

When you travel…

When you travel…

Have you been traveling and run into “that” guy? You know, the guy that pushes his way through the line, bumps into you and never says “pardon me.”, cuts in front of you…yes, that guy, the one having the bad day all day and projecting his bad day to everyone he meets.

A few simple tips to help you and your fellow passengers, it’s not just, potentially, stressful for you but it is for those around you too, here’s how NOT to be “that” guy:

1. Keep your cool – even if you want to scream.
2. Keep a smile on your face – it just makes you feel better. A side bonus is you get others around you feeling better too.
3. Remember life is all about the journey – try and find the joy in it! Maybe you get re-routed or stuck in the tarmac, you’ll eventually get to where you’re going.
4. Ultimately the destination is the same for all of us – try to have fun.

You don’t have to go out of your way to make everyone’s day great – just make YOUR day better. By having a better day yourself, that energy transfers to others that are receptive to it.

Live well my friends!